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Alat Peraga SMK Keperawatan dan Kebidanan

Alat Peraga SMK Keperawatan dan Kebidanan

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Diego Sumaryantho

Peralatan Praktek Pendidikan Akademi Sekolah Tinggi Perawatan Gigi Perawat Hewan Perawat Mental / Jiwa
Mannequin Simulator Trainer Phantom Silicone Models
Adult Male Female Child Teenage Infant Toddler Kid Fat Adult Doctor Medicine Manikin

First-Aid Skills Training Models
Multifunction Comprehensive Emergency  ( with defibrillator)
Intelligent Digital Comprehensive CPR Training Mannequin
Intelligent Digital Defibrillator Trainer (Heart Attack)
Advanced CPR  ( consciousness judgement)
Advanced CPR  ( with monitor & printer)
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation ( with monitor)
Electronic Half-Body CPR
Advanced Half-Body CPR
Resusitasi Kardiopulmoner Simulator
Half-Body CPR Training Manikin
Advanced Tracheotomy and Endotracheal Intubation Simulator
Advanced Adult Obstruction and CPR Model
Advanced Endotracheal Intubation Training Model
Electronic Endotracheal Intubation Training Model
Neonatal Endotracheal Intubation Model
Advanced Infant Endotracheal Intubation Model
Advanced Child Endotracheal Intubation Model
Advanced Multifunction Airway Management Model
Advanced Child CPR
Advanced Infant CPR
Crico-Thyroid Puncture Model
Advanced Trauma Evaluation Model
Advanced Trauma Nursing Manikin
Infant Obstruction and CPR Model
External Defibrillation & CPR Manikin

Nursing Skills Training Models
Multifunction Nursing Simulator ( standard configuration)
Multifunction Nursing Simulator ( upgrade configuration)
Multifunction Nursing and CPR Manikin
Triple-Cavity-Double-Cystis Pressing
The Aged Nursing Manikin
Advanced Trauma Nursing Manikin
Full Function Nursing Manikin with B/ P
Advanced Intravenous Injection Arm Mdel ( right/ left)
Economical Intravenous Injection Arm Model
Multifunctional Intravenous Injection Arm Model
Child I.V. Injection Arm Simulator
Intravenous Injection Arm Model
Advanced Opisthenar Intravenous Injection Module
Artery Injection Arm Model
Injection Arm with Arteries and Veins
Mechanical Rotary Arm with Artery
Forearm Pad for Intravenous Injection
Intravenous Injection Pad ( with blood vessels)
Wearable Upper Arm for Deltoid Intramuscular & Hypodermic Injection
Intradermal Injection Pad
Intradermal Injection Training Sleeve
Multifunctional Rotary Injection Model
Simplified Intramuscular Injection Module
Injection Buttock with Injecting Mark
Wearable Buttock for Gluteal Intramuscular Injection Training
Buttock for Gluteal Intramuscular Injection and Comparison
Buttock Injection Model with Anatomical Structure
Simplified Insulin Injection Module
Decubitus Care Model
Advanced Decubitus Nursing Set ( 6 pieces)
Sputum Suction Training Model
Buttock Intramuscular Injection Training Model
Advanced Ear Irrigation Training Model
Blood Pressure Measuremet Simulator
Transparent Male Catheterization Simulator
Transparent Female Catheterization Simulator
Male Catheterization Model
Female Catheterization Model
Enema Training Simulator
Enema and Assised Defecation Training Simulator
Male Genital Organ Model
Female Genital Organ Model
Nasal Feeding and Gastric Lavage Simulator
Multi-functional Transparent Gastric Lavage Simulator
Swallowing Mechanism Demonstration Simulator
Tracheotomy Nursing Simulator
Ostomy Care Simulator
Diabetes Foot Model
Big Teeth Care Model
Teeth Care Model
Teeth Model in Oral Cavity
Decayed Tooth Disease Development

Gynecological Skills Training Model Maternity
Advanced Delivery and Maternity & Neonatal Emergency Simulator
Maternal Delivery Simulator
Gyneacology & Pediatrics Training Model
Advanced Gyneacology Examination
Gyneacology Examination Model
Delivery Mechanism Demonstration Simulator
Maternity Abdominal Palpation Training Model
Maternity Examination Training Model
Midwifery Practice Model
Rotating Delivery Simulator
Transparent Curretage Model
Perineum Cutting and Suturing Training Model
Advanced Artificial Abortion Simulative Uterus
Cervical Lesion Model
Advanced Uterus Fundus Examination and Evaluation Model
Wearable Breast Self-inspection Model
Breast Inspection and Diagnosis Training Model
Breast Inspection Model
IUD Placement Training Model I
Intrauterine Contraception Training Simulator II
Intrauterine Contraception Training Simulator III
Contraception Guidance Model
Female Pelvis with Fetal Head Model ( Two interchangeable fetal, one is full-term infants, the other is premature baby)
Difficult Labor Models
Antepartum Cervix Change and Birth Canal Relationship Model

Pediatric Skills Training Models
Neonatal Nursing Model ( male) 3kg
Neonatal Nursing Model ( female) 3kg
30 Weeks Pronatis
Neonatal Umbilical Cord Nursing Model ( male)
Neonatal Umbilical Cord Nursing Model ( female)
24 Weeks Pronatis
Infant Physical Indicators Measurement
Infant Catheterization & Clysis Model
Bathing Baby
Advanced Infant Scalp Venous Injection Model
Infant Scalp Injection Training Model
Child Bone Marrow Puncture and Femoral Venous Puncture Simulator
Advance Infant Venipuncture Arm Model
Advance Infant Leg Venipuncture Model
Advance Infant Arterial Puncture Arm Training Model
Infant Total-Body Venipuncture Training Model
Infant lumbar Puncture Model
Child Bone Marrow Puncture Model
Smart Baby Digital
Infant Bone Marrow Puncturing Leg
Advance Full Functional One-year-old Child Manikin
Advance Full Functional Three-year-old Child Nursing Manikin

Clinical Skills Training Models
Comprehensive Puncture and Percussion Training Model
Central Venous Injection Torso
Lumbar Puncturing Training Model
Abdominal Cavity Puncture Model ( electronic monitoring)
Tube Thoracostomy ( from back) Training Model
Abdominal Shifting Dullness Percussion and Puncturing Model
Full-Functional Venipuncture Training Simulator
Skull Bone Marrow Puncture Model
Pericardial Puncture and Endocardial Injection Simulator
Adult Bony Puncturing Leg
Phneumothorax Treating Model
Lumbar Puncture Training Model
Central Venous Catheterization Model
Peripherally Inserted Central Catheterization ( PICC) Model
Closed Drainage Simulator of Thoracic Cavity
Peritoneal Dialysis Training Models
Suturing and Bandaging Training Simulator
Advanced Inferior Position Bandaging Simulator
Advance Superior Position Bandage Model
Suturing Practice Arm Model ( left/ right)
Suturing Practice Led Model ( left/ right leg)
Nail Extraction Exercise Model
Skin Suturing Practice Model
Skin Suturing Practice Module on a Base
Intestine Anastomosis Model – 20mm
Intestine Anastomosis Model – 30mm
Suturing Practice Training Kit
Local Anesthesia Training Kit
Multi-Functional Minor Operation Training Kits
Nails Extracting Training Kit
Shoulder Joint Intracavitary Administration
Elbow Joint Intracavitary Administration Model
Knee Joint Intracavitary Administration Model
Knotting SkillsTraining Model
New Knotting Training Model
Deep Tensional Knotting Skills Training Model
Superficial Knotting Training Model
Vein Incision Model
Vessel Separating & Ligation Model
Wounded Arm Hand Leg Finger
Surface Vessel Ligation amd Hemostasis Training Model
Sebaceous Cysts Resection Exercise Model
Lipoma Resection Exercise Model
Skin Local Infiltration Anesthesia Training Model
Prostate Inspection Model
Advanced Rectum Lipation Training Model
Advanced Rectal Exam Model
Vocal Nodular Examination Model
Polyp of Cord Examination Model
Advanced Nasal Cavity Examination Model ( electronic monitor)
Advanced RetinopathyInspection Training Model
Advanced Pharynx and Larynx Examination Model ( electronic monitor)
Male Electrocision Simulator
Male Circumsize Trainer Simulator
Female Electrocision Simulator

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