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Alat Peraga SMK Pengairan, Hidrologi dan Perikanan

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Diego Sumaryantho

BOD COD meter, Dissolve Oksigen, aW Meter pH meter Alcohol Breath Tester ABI AlcoHawk -Alcotest - AlertJ5 - Ensure- PT500 Impinger Air Sampler Aspirating Pump Draeger -Gastec- Kitagawa- MSA Orion Anaerobic Jar Acidity - Alcohol- Brix/ Sugar- Coolant- Honey- Salinity Refractometer ( Seawater) , Analytical Balances, Actinograph Anemometer  Vane- Hot Wire Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer-AAS Atomic Force Microscopes Autoclaves - Steam Sterilizers Cap. 18 - 50 -85 liter Autotitrator Analyzer Moisture, Water, Fat, Protein, Total Hydrocarbon, Gas Automatic Water Sampler Horizontal Vertical Amino Acid Analyzer Balances  Analytical, Electronic Precision Balance, Triple Beam, Top Loading, Moisture, Industrial, Counting Scales, Mechanical Balometer Bath  Circulator, Flotation, Fluidised, Oil, Refrigerated, Sand, Shaking, Ultrasonic, Viscometers, Water, Immersion Cooler Biohazard Safety Cabinet Class II Biological Oxygen Demand / BOD Meter  Biohazard Safety Cabinet Bag Closer Portable Bomb Calorimeter  Ika, Kayuan, Leco, Parr, U-Therm, Toshniwal Buffered Peptone Water / Buffer Solution Brix- Coolant - Acidity - Salinity Refractometer Cabinet Dry, Flammable, Acid, Biohazard, Cytotoxic, Laminar Flow Cabinet Vertical - Horizontal, Lighting, Vented Chemicals Storage Carbon Analyzer Carbon Dioxide Incubator Cell  Disruptor, Electrofusion, Electroporation, Molecular Biology, Plant Research Chemical Oxygen Demand ( COD ) Chromatography  Gas, Detector, Gel Permeation / Size Exclusion Circulator Bath Concentrator  Sampler, Vacuum Calorimeter Bomb Centrifuge Oil Test, Utracentrifuges Cathetometer Cholinesterase Test Kit Climatic and Stability Chamber Residual Chlorine Meter  Analyzer, pH test kit, Total Free CMM 200 Clorophyll Meter Conductivity - pH Meter Stuart Colony Counter Colorimeter Color Water Test Kit Crude Fiber Digestion Apparatus Current Meter  Groundwater Stream Flow Meter/ Current Meter Cloud & Pour Testing Carbon Residue Apparatus Corrosion Analyzer  Corrosive Cabinet Cutting Mill Citrus Acidity Meter Deioniser Digestion Unit Distillation Apparatus Disintegration Tester Density Bulk Analyzer, Balance, Gradient Column, Meter Density Portable Oil / Fuel Lubricants Deposition Pulsed Laser, Thin film, Vapour Detector  Gas, GPC, Radiation Detector Gas Dewar Liquid Nitrogen LN2 Container MVE Millenium Phoenix Taylor Wharton Dielectric Analyzer Differential Scanning Calorimeter Digestion  Kjeldahl, Microwave Ductless Fume Hood Dissolution Tester Dissolved Oxygen DO Meter Disstillation Apparatus Dosimeter pocket- portable DNA FISH probe, Marker, Purification Kit Dry Block Heater Dry Cabinet, Dehumidifier Portable Fluidised Bed, Freeze, Hot Air Dissolution Media Preparator Dehumidifiers Portable Dust Sampling Dust  Sampling, Collector Dispensing max Desicator Electromagnetic Sieve Shaker Electro Concentrator Eyewash Station portable HAWS 7500 Porta Stream / ABS Combination Shower Echo Sounder Evaporator Rotary Eckman Dredge Sampler Extraction Mantle Heater Electrochemical Impedance System Electrofusion Electrodes Replacement Electroplating Electroporation Elemental Analyzer Elisa  Reader, Washer Emision Gas Analyzer Evaporator Rotary Extraction  Microwafe, Soxlet Furnaces Ashing, Muffle, Tube, Air Circulation, Chamber, Melting, High Temperature. Falling Number Tester Fat, Analyzer Fecal Coliform Broth Base Fermentor Fibre Digester FISH ( Fluorescene Insitu Hybidization ) Flow, Granules Tester Fluidised  Bath, Dryer Fluorescene Meter Freeze Dryer Freezer Blood Plasma, Chest, Upright French Press Cell Disruptor Frequency Response Analyzer Friability Tester Friction Tester Fuel Density Meter Fume Hood ( Lemari Asam - Lokal ) Fluorecent Indicator Kit Flocculator ( Jar Test ) Flock Tester Flue Gas Anayzer Flame Photometer Corning Safety Flammable Storage Cabinet Yellow - Red - Blue Flash Point Tester Floor and Table Cutting Mill Food Security Kit Gas Chromatography Gas Detector tubes Gradient Meter Gas Analyzer, Leak Detection, Detector, Flowmeter, Generator, Sampler, Mixer Gemmy Refractometer/ Gemstone Tester Glassware Glassware Drying Rack Glossmeter ( Uni - Multi ) Gas Monitors / Gas Detection Gas Meter- Wet Test Gas Sampling RAC-3 Glove Box, Vacuum Grinding Mill Gas Oil Disstilation Unit Gravimeter G -Bend Karyotyping Gauge, Vacuum Grain Testing Equipment Granule Tester Homogenizer Handheld Airbone Particle Counters High Performance Anion Exchange Chromatography ( HPAE ) HPLC - High Performance Liquid Chromatography Hardness Tester Tablet Portable Heating Mantle  Multi / Single Heating  Block, Mantle, Plate Histology Product High Precision Temperature Monitoring Hydrometer Hydrocarbon detection Hygrothermograph Hygrothermometer Humidity Thermo Meter Homoginizer  Fluidised, Mechanical, Ultrasonic Hot Bead Sterilizer Hot Plate Stirrer CORNING, CIMAREC, ECHOTHERM, FAVORIT, HEIDOLPH, THERMOLYNE, SCHOTT, DAIHAN, LABTECH, YELLOWLINE, Humidity Chamber, Meter  Incubator, System for FISH Immersion, Cooler Incubator BOD, CO2, Hybridzation, Shaking, Low Temp. BOD Incubator Ion Selective  Electrode, Meter, Photometer Illuminator Ion Chromatography IC Jack Laboratory Jar Test Karl Fisher Titrator Kymograph Karyotyper Kjeldhal Apparatus ( Digestion & Distillation ) Laminair Flow Cabinet Light Box Light Meter Luminescene Analyzer Ligh Scattering Instruments Liquid Handling Lamp Viewing Laboratory Mill Laser Particle Counter Laboratory Plate Mill Leak Test Apparatus Loupe with Fluorescent Ring Lamp Liquid Nitrogen Dewar Magnetic  Stirrer, Strirrer Hotplate, Stirrer Mantle Heating Material Seed Grain Wood Testing Machine Media Culture, Dispenser, Sterilizer, Preparation Medical Simulator Melting Point Apparatus Metallographic Analyzer Meteorogical Instrument Micro Centrifuge Micro Electroplating Micropipette Microscope System  Atomic Force, Confocal, Karyotyping, Near field scanning, Raman Imaging Microplate Reader, Washer Microbiological Water Test Kit Potakit - Potalab - Potaflex Microwave  Ashing System, Digestion System, Extraction System, Furnace, Oven, Solid Moisture Analyzer Milk Lactoscan Milk Testing Equipment Milling Rice Meter Molecular Weight Detector Moistures Analyzer for Plastic Moisture  Balance/ Analyzer Mycotoxin Tester Manometer Water Meat Moisture Meter Melting Point Apparatus Mercury Analyzer Microbiology Water Testing Mini Tube Gel Unit Mini Submarine Gel Unit Microwave Leak Detector Molecular Sieve Neutron Detector Nitrogen Analyzer Nitrogen LN2 Liquid Storage Noise Dosimeter Portable OBS Rain Gauge ( Curah Hujan ) Oil Bath Oil Test Centrifuge Oil Content Analyzer Opacity Meter Osmometer Oxidation Reduction Potential Meter Oxidative Stability Index Oxygen Gas Detector  Oxygen Meter Oven Grafity Convection, Forced Air, Vacuum Overhead Stirrer ORP Monitor / Controller pH Meter Oil Color Comparator Outfit Microscope Shop, Measuring, Binocular, Stereo Milk Coagulations Meter Oil Test Centrifuge Oil Quality Analyzer Osmometer Ozone Meters Overpack Salvage Drums Pocket Microscope with Light Particle Size Analyzer Particle Airbone Counter Portable Paper Filters Permeability Tester Petri Dish Turntable Penetrometer Petroleum Comparator Petroleum Point Tester Petroleum Disstilation Unit PCR Machine pH/ Chlorine Test Kit pH Meter  pocket, portable, multiparameter Phase Separator Filter Pharmaceutical Testing  Dissolution Tester, Hardness Tester Photometer Photo Cold Light Technology Photo Counter Photo Documentation Piezometer Pipette Controller Pipe Locator Plant Growth Chamber Plankton Nett Polarimeter Disc, Automatic Paper Moisture Meter P-2000 Polarographic Analyzer Protein Analyzer Portable Survey Meter Portable Mercury Analyzer Pulverizer Pycnometer Density  Stereo, Foam Pump Centrifugal, Diaphragm, Gear, Multichannel, Perisaltic, Rotary, Vacuum, Precipitation Helmann Recorder Pycnometer Rain Gauge / Alat pengukur Curah Hujan Radiation Detector Refractometer Sugar / Salt Refrigerated Bath with Magnetic Stirrer Refrigerant Leak Detector Rheometer Rice Testing Equipment  Rice Milling Meter / Rice Whiteness ( Kadar Putih Beras ) Rotary Evaporator Rotary Tablet Machine Saccharimeter Salt in Crude Analyzer Salt Meter Salt Spray Chamber Sample Concentrator Salvage Drum Overpack Sampler Air, Gas, Isokinetic, Particle, Source Sanitarian Field Kit ( Mengukur kadar kimiawi, bakteri pada air minum / air bersih ) Sand Bath Shaking Bath Sieve Shaker Size Exclusion Chromatography ( SEC ) Soxhlet, Soxtherm Extractor Specific Gravity Meter Spectra Karyotyping-SKY Spectrometer Arc Spark, Colour, Fluorescene, Glow Discharge, Raman, UV/ Visible Stack Gas Analysis System Steriliser Flame, Glass Bead, Hot Air, Media, Microwave, Steam Sterilising Tray Stirrer Overhead, Hot Plate, Magnetic Stomacher Super Critical Fluid Extraction Surface Analyzer Surface Tension Meter Survey Meter ( Gamma, Alpha, Beta, X-Ray ) Synthesizers  Microwave Safety Cabinet Class III Salt - Brix Refractometer Surface Salinity Meter Safety Can Container Salt Meter Salt in Crude Analyzer Sampling Water Shakling Water Bath Soil Test Kit Soil Tester Solvent Reclaimer S-316 Sound Level Meter Spectrophotometer UV - Vis Silica Test Kit Strength Tester Tensile Sulfate Test Kit Spectroscope SPAD 502 Chlorophyll Meter Suspended Solid Analyzer TSS Secchi Disk Scriber Surveyor-Architecture Scrubber / Turbosog Seawater, Specific Gravimeter Sugar ( Brix ) Meter Storm Drain Monitoring Kit Tablet Rotary Machine Tablet Press Machine Tachometer Thermometer  Infra Red, Precision Thermal  Analyzer, Conductivity System, Cycler, Diffusivity Thermalmechanical Analyzer ( TMA ) Thermo gravimetry Analyzer ( TGA ) Thermoregulator Tube Furnace Thermometer Calibration System Thermo electric Bending Beam Rheometer Tensiometer Temperature and Humidity Chamber Thermohygrometer InfraRed Thermohygrometer - Thermo Label Indicator Thermohygrograph TDS Meter -Total Dissolved Solid Total Organic Carbon Analyzer Total Suspended Solids Analyzer- TSS Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer Trace Analyzer Trace Metal Digestion System Turbidity Meter Portable  Laboratory Turbidity Meter Titrator Tambour Tuning Fork Tubes Top Mixer Test Tube Rack Tablet Disintegration Tester Tablet Friabilator Tablet Hardness Tester Tablet Test System Tap Density Tester ( USP ) Ultrasonic Cleaner, DM4 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge MPOR Dualscope Ultraviolet Lamp, Light Box, Spectrophotometer, Table, Viewing Cabinet Ultraviolet Absorbing Eye Wear Urine Refractometer Veterinary Instrument Vanilla Moisture Analyzer Vacuum Concentrator, Furnace, Oven, Pump, Controller Vapour Deposition Viscometer Vortex Mixers WalkLab pH Meter TI 9000 Water Sampler Vertical and Horizontal Water Analysis  pH Meter, Conductivity Meter, Dissolved Oxygen Meter, Turbidity Meter ( Single / Multiparameter ) , TSS Water Quality Checker Weather Station Wet / Dry Thermometer Water Level Indicator Water Leak Detector Water Sampler Automatic Washer Glassware, Microplate, Ultrasonic Water Bath, Deinoiser, Purification, Still, Test Kit, Vapour Tester Weighing Scales Wire Rope Tester Wood  Lumber Moisture Meter BRANDS AND ADAMLAB ADWA INSTRUMENT ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES ADVANCED SENSOR TECHNOLOGIES ADVANCELAB AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES ALEXIS ALCOA ALCONOX ALNOR ALL AMERICAN AMCOR AMARELL ANTER ANTON PAAR ANALYTIC JENA APEX INSTRUMENT APOGEE INSTRUMENT APPLIED PRECISION AS ONE LABORATORY ARIZONA ARUN ARROW-TECH ASTELL AURORA ATAGO AZ INTRUMENTS BACHARACH BARLOWORLD SCIENTIFIC STUART BANTE INSTRUMENT BELLINGHAM & STANLEY - BS BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES BIO 101 BIO-RAD BIO CHROM BIOSAN BIOSYSTEM BIOTOOLS BROOKHAVEN BROOKFIELD BRABENDER BTX BUCHI BUCK SCIENTIFIC CASELLA CASTLE CARTON CHINA-LAB COLE PARMER COMET COSMOS CORNING CARBOLITE CBS CEM CERTEK CHRIST CHEMETRICS CLAIND DANI SPA DAIHAN LABTECH DAIHAN SCIENTIFIC DAYUANGZ DENVER INSTRUMENT DEMETRA- TAKEMURA DELMHORST DIONEX DIGITRON DUCHEFA DUPOND QUALICON DECAGON DELAGUA DELTATRAK DELONGHI DRAIGER DURAN DURHAMGEO DYNISCO EBRO ELCOMETER EKTRON TEK ESCO E- MERCK ENWARE ECOTECH ECOSENSORS ECHOTHERM EIJKELKAMP ELECTROCHEM ELEMENTAR ELECTROLAB ENMET ETECH ERLAB -CAPTAIR EYELA EXTECH EPPENDORF EUTECH FAVORIT FASTER FENDALL FIAMM FINCO FISHERLAB FISONS FLAMINGO FLUK A FLUKE FUNKE GARBER FOURIER SYSTEM FOSANTE GAST GASTEC GELMANSCI GEMMY GERHARDT GE INSPECTION TECHNOLOGIES GF SIGNET GONOTEC GRAINGER GRIDOSONIC GUARDIAN G-WON HANSON HACH HALDENWANGER HARSCO HAMILT ON HF SCIENTIFIC HUBER HUMANLAB HAMO HELLMA HETTICH HEIDOLPH HIRAYAMA HISAMATSU HI SPANLAB- PRONADISA HORIBA HUBER HUNTERLAB HYDRANAL-FLUKA IKA IMR INDSCI INOTECH INTER SCIENCE IRTEK ISCO ISTEK ITT BARTON IWAKI JASCO JEN OPTICKS J.W. LEMMENS JENCO JENCONS JENWAY JEOL JEIOTECH JULABO JUSTRITE JUSTIS JT BAKER KANOMAX KANE-MAY KANETEC KAIYUAN KARTELL KEM KERN KIMA KETT KESTREL KI RSCH KIT AGAWA KOCOUR KUBOTA KNAUER KOEHLER KOBIOTECH KRUESS OPTIC KETTERER LARSON DAVIS LAMOTTE LABTHINK LABCAIRE LABCONCO LABENTECH LABINCO LABOMED LABTECH L ABWARE LA B-COMPANION LA FAYETTE LECROY LECO LENTON LINSEIS LOVIBOND -TINTOMETER LUTRON LUMEX LTD LTE MACHEREY NAGEL MASTECH MARINE BIOTECHS MARTIN CHRIST MATRIX METROHM MEIJI TECHNO MEMMERT MERLIN MILWAUKEE MILLIPORE MISONIX MONARCH MUNKTELL M-O-T MTO PS MYRON NABERTHERM NANONICS NEW BRUNSWICK SCIENTIFIC - NBS NEW STAR ENVIRONMENTAL NEDERMAN NEWTECH NEYTECH NITON NOVEX NOVASINA NOVOCONTROL NUAI RE OASIS O LYMPUS OMNION ( OSI ) OHAUS OPTIMA ORBECCO - HELLIGE ORION OTT OXOID PALINTEST PASCO PALCP PALL GELMAN PBI DANSENSOR PEAK OPTICS PERCIVAL PERTEN PERKIN ELMER PETERSIME PETROTEST PHARMATEST PHOTON TECHNOLOGY PHILIP HARRIS PINNACLE PLASLAB POLYSCIENES PRECISA PROFUGE PRONADISA PROPETTE PROSOFT TECHNOLOGY PRIORCLAVE PROTIMETER PRUFTECHNIK PYREX IWAKI PVD OBIOGENE QUALICON DUPONT QUANTACHROME RADWAG RADIOMETER RADIOLINX RAMEHART RENISHAW REOLOGICA RETSCH REOMETRIC RION RIKEN KEIKI RIEDEL DE HAEN RUDOLPH ROTRONIC ROYCE TECHNOLOGIES SANITECH SATAKE SATO KEIRYOKI SCHOTT SCHMID+ HAENSCH SCIENTECH SEEDBURO SEIBU GIKEN SENSIDYNE SEWERIN SHELLAB SHIMADZU SHIMPO SHIBUYA SIMON KELLER SIBATA SIGMA ALDRICH SYPRIS FW BELL SKC INC SLOPE INDICATOR SLM AMINCO SMARTLINE SOLARTRON SOCOREX SOTAX SOLARMETER SPEAKMAN SPECTRUM TECHNOLOGIES - SPECMETERS SPECTRONIC STATEBOURNE STAPLEX STOVAL STRATAGENE STREAMLINELAB STRESSTEL STURDY SRS SCIENTIFIC SWOFFER SWINGTEC SYMPATEC TAISHIO TRANS INSTRUMENT TAKEMURA -DEMETRA TAYLOR WHARTON TATUNG TECHNOVATION TECHNE TECNIPLAST THERMOLYNE THERMO SPECTRONIC THIES CLIMA THOMAS INSTRUMENT TESTO TFA TKA TOA DKK TODAY' S TOSHNIWAL TORREY PINES TOYO SEIKI TPS TINTOMETER ( LOVIBOND ) TRANSCAT METROHM TRANS INSTRUMENT TSI INSTRUMENT THWING ALBERT INSTRUMENT UVITEX VACUUBRAND VAISALA VICAM VISCOTEK VYSIS VWR WAGTECH WAGNER WAKO WELCH WINDAUS LABORTECHNIK WIGGEN HAUSER WILKS WILDCO WPA WTW WTBINDER YELLOWLINE YOKOGAWA YASUDA SEIKI YSI ZELTEX ZETEX

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