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Ship Simulator

CBT Computer Base Training Ship Simulator
Full Mission Bridge Simulator
Small Boat Simulator
Big Ship Vessel Simulator
Merchant Vessel Bulk Carrier Liquid Tanker Yacht Corvette Fishing Container
Personal Safety
Ship General Safety
ISM Code
OPA 90
Inert Gas Generator
Flue Gas Plant
Fuel Oil System
Marine Fuel Handling
Tanker operations I
Tanker operations II
Vessel Structural Conditions
Corrosion Protection I
Corrosion Protection II
Steering Gear
Cooling System
Remote Control System, Autochief 4
Search and Rescue
GMDSS Global Maritime Distress and Safety System
Maritime English
Auxiliary Engine
Ballast Water Management
Protection and Indemnity
Hull and Machinery
Marine Lubricants
Emergency Towing system
Liquid Cargo Properties
Stability I
AC4, Digital Governor System
Medical First Aid
Maritime English, Pilot on the Bridge
Operation of Generators
Bilge Water Separator
Container Lashings
Auxiliary Boiler Plant
Fuel Combustion Efficiency
Radar Observation and Plotting
ARPA Theory Automatic Radar Plotting Aid
Introduction to Navigation
HAZMAT - IMDG Code International Maritime Dangerous Goods
COW Crude Oil Washing
ODME Oil Discharge Monitoring Systems and Equipment
Doppler Log
COLREG Collision Regulation
Satellite Navigation GPS
Navigation in Ice
Stability II, Damage Stability
Basic Ship Handling
Basic Refrigeration Theory
Basic Hydraulics
Crisis Management
Sulzer Medium Speed Diesel Engine
Pumps and Pumping Operations
Crowd Management
Automation, Viscosity Control
Personal Survival and Survival Craft
Human Relations
Medical Care
Introduction to MARPOL Marine Pollution Convention
Wall Wash, Generic
Flexinert Gas Generator
Marlins, Study Pack I - Progress test
Cargo Compatibility, Generic
Energy Conservation
Fresh Water Generator
Low Temperature Insulation on Gas Carriers
IALA - Buoyage  International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities
Framo - Safe cargo operations
INS - Integrated Navigation System
Use of Nitrogen (Chemical Tankers)
AIS - Automatic Identification Sys.
Heavy Weather Damage (Container Vessels)
Zero Damage - Reefers
Security Awareness
Integrated Survey Programme - ISP
Steering Gear, RAM type, The Helm
Ship Security Officer (SSO) Training System
ISO 001 Environmental Management
Risk Assessment and Management
Greasing Mooring Winches and Windlasses
Hot Work
Enclosed Space Entry
SMCP - Distress Urgency and Safety
SMCP - Navigation and Cargo Handling
Maritime English, Introduction
Incident Investigation
Maritime English, Superintendent's Inspection
HAZMAT - IMDG Code, Advanced International Maritime Dangerous Goods
Hatch Cover Maintenance and Operation
Stowaways, migrants and refugees
Piracy and Armed Robbery 1
Introduction to TMSA2
Maritime English, Report writing
Fire Fighting - Basic
1 Fire Fighting - Advanced
2 ALCAP Separation Principles
ALCAP (The ALCAP System)
ALCAP (Fuel Oil System)
ALCAP (Lube Oil System)
ALCAP (Monitoring and Control)
Tanker Training System - Familiarisation
Gas Tanker Training System, Advanced
Oil Tanker Training System, Advanced
Chemical Tanker Training System, Advanced
International Collision Regulations
Container Fires
Marine Fuel Properties II
Ship to Ship Transfer Operations
Electrical Safety
Vessel General Permit
Marine Environmental Awareness
H2S Hydrogen Sulphide Awareness
Introduction to the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 06)
MLC 06 - Onboard Responsibilities
MLC 06 - Shipowners Responsibilities
Lifestyle assessment and advice
Physical exercise and lifestyle coaching
Volatile organic compounds
MLC 06, Basic Introduction
ECDIS system and chart types
ECDIS display features
Passage Planning with ECDIS
Voyage planning – pre departure
Voyage planning – the sea passage
Voyage planning – pilotage and berthing
Oil Record Book Part I
Oil record book, part II
Galley Operations 1- Workplace and Equipment Safety
Galley Operations 2- Hygiene
Galley operations 3, food handling
Galley operation, nutrition
Nutrition and wellbeing, Awareness
High Voltage Fundamentals
Ships Electrical Networks
High Voltage Equipment and Testing
Management of High Voltage on Ships
Electric propulsion, fundamentals
Electric Propulsion, Electrical Machines
Electric Propulsion, Power Electronics
Electric propulsion system for ship
Bunker Fraud
Development of Heavy Weather
Heavy Weather Navigation
Safe Operation & Maint. of Grinding Wheels
Piracy & armed robbery 2
Anchor Mooring Procedures
Conflict Management
Culture Management
Active Listening
Corrective Feedback
Meeting Management
Question Techniques
Team Leadership
Stress Management
Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP)
Seafarer Appraisal
Behaviour Based Safety
Mentoring at Sea
Principles of assessment
Onboard assessment
Shore based assessment
Communication for maritime leaders
Maritime conv. recommendations & legislations
Shipboard personell management & training
Task & workload management
Effective resource management Part 1
Effective resource management Part 2
Decision making techniques
Marine environmental awareness, challenges
Marine Environmental Awareness, Sustainable Shipping
Engineering operations in cold environments
Personal safety in cold environments
Enclosed Space Entry, Awareness
Crane operation, heavy lift
Inspection of mooring lines
Green Passport
Recovery of persons from the water
Use of liferafts
SIRE inspections Ship Inspection Report
SIRE Vetting Inspector
Rigging and Slinging
Crane Operations
Permit To Work
Working at height
Vessel inspection and CMID Common Marine Inspection Document
Anchor handling operation
Lifting and Slinging – Equipment and operation
Lifting and slinging, roles and responsibilities
Periodic maintenance and inspection of lifting equipment
Personal safety for offshore vessels
Vessel inspection and OVID
GOMO Awareness General Officer Management Office
Deck safety for supply vessels
Deck safety for anchor handlers
Back deck safety for seismic vessels
Introduction to bulk carriers
Liquefying cargoes
Common bulk cargoes
Preparations for loading bulk carriers
Loading bulk cargoes
Hull structural strength bulk carriers
Bulk carriers, Personal safety and environmental protection
Bulk carrier, trim and stability
Bulk carrier, voyage
Bulk carriers, unloading
ISO 9001
Occupational Health and Safety Management System
Harassment and bullying
Lockout Tagout
Gas measurement, a safe atmosphere
Gas measurement, measuring instruments
CEMS - Crew Endurance Management System
Vapor Control System
Benzene Cargo Safety
Eye Injury Prevention
Work Ergonomics and Back Care
Hearing Conservation
Drug and Alcohol Policy and Testing
Respiratory Protection
Equipment Specific Training – MARIS ECDIS900
Equipment Specific Training – Consilium ECDIS
Kelvin Hughes ECDIS
Tokyo Keiki ECDIS
JRC ECDIS Electronic Chart Display & Information System
SAM Electronics Chartpilot ECDIS
Tokyo Keiki ECDIS EC 8000-A, 80, 8500-A, 8600
GVF561 Seatel Marine VSAT Operator Fundamentals
GVF562E Operating the SeaTel Model ‘09 Series Marine VSAT
GVF562E-IMA series Sea Tel Marine VSAT Operators Course
Tank Cleaning 1-Introduction and Safety
Tank Cleaning 2-The Principles of Tank Cleaning
Tank Cleaning 3–The Planning of Tank Cleaning Operations

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